Interior Design in Miami, FL

Style your story.

With offices in Miami and San Juan, we create a style that transcends the tropical, where elegance holds up to every little thing. Where each choice is intentional and every look, divinely collected. Your home is where you exist—let’s make it the most authentic version of you.

Miami Fl Interior Designer Juliette Calaf Interiors

Structured to deliver an effortless experience.

Each step in our process was created by putting ourselves in the role of the client and asking, “What would we want from a best-in-class designer”?

Clean, flexible fee structures—delivered upfront with zero surprises. Responsive communication—with just the right amount of information—shared weekly. Proactive problem-solving. And an attention to detail that is second to none. When we say it’s handled. It’s handled.

Interior Design in Miami, FL

Ready to style your story?

Miami, FL


I would just give her the key and come home and beautiful things would have happened.


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