Interior Design in San Juan, PR

Style your story.

With delighted clients all over Puerto Rico and offices in San Juan and Miami, our interiors go beyond the beach to craft a style where the everyday is elegant. Where each element is exceptional, and every look, beautifully collected.

Together we’ll create a stunning, soothing space centered around your personal style. Your home is where life happens—let’s make it the most authentic version of you.

San Juan Puerto Rico Interior Design Juliette Calaf

We’re known for our organizational excellence.

Every part of our process was devised by holding ourselves to the highest possible standard—our own. We put ourselves in the role of client and asked, “What would we want in an interior designer”?

We offer a clean, flexible fee structure—with no unexpected plot twists in the budget. Our communication is lightning fast. We share the just right amount of information—weekly—to keep you at ease.

We’re all about solving problems before they happen, and making everything perfect—down to the last detail. Basically, we’ve got you.


Ready to style your story?

San Juan, PR


“They think outside the box. Every home is different.”


Recent Projects in Puerto Rico

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